Niqu 1.0

Title: Niqu 1.0 VS
Author: kavin
Download: deviantART


Niqu is a Mac OS X theme originally made by Rick Patrick.
Ported with permissions to windows by Kavin Amuthan.


Niqu Visual style with 10 Variations.
Niqu iTunes skin
Niqu Objectbar skin with 10 Variations
Niqu iChat skin for Trillian
Niqu Nexplorer skin
Niqu VLC skin
Niqu Safarifox skin
Niqu Styler toolbar with 5 color variations
2 Wallpapers


*Metal Visual Style updates with TWO more substyles
– Graphite , Finder(with original Finder Border Thickness)
*VS font “Arial Special G1″ repaced by more generic “Tahoma”
*Added Graphite Styler Toolbar.
*Added toolbar color variants to Firefox via subskins.
*Fixed Trillian skin speed.
*Fixed iTunes black LCD.


Title: Niqu for Windowblinds
Author: duyvan82
Download: deviantART



Title: Niqu clist_modern Skin
Author: Astyanax0
Download: deviantART


Title: Niqu Objectbar
Author: Pelayo
Download: deviantART

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