Every day, you may see people wearing uniforms with stitched or printed small pieces of cloth showing their names or the logos of their companies. Those pieces of cloth are called patches. Military personnel, policemen, students and employees are only few of the many users of custom patches.

A patch is a piece of an embroidered or a printed cloth, which is attached to another cloth by sewing, using adhesives, and today, by using Velcro. Many years ago, patches were used to cover torn parts of a garment. Similar to identification cards, they were also used to identify members of an organization or a group.

First Users

Centuries ago, the Indians, Arabs, Chinese and South Americans started the use of patches on garments. It was written that in the past, patches were used to distinguish the ranks of royalties as well as soldiers. Their names were also stitched so that people can identify them.

Patches and Protests

In the middle of the United States’ war in Vietnam in the 1960’s, the streets of the US were filled with protesters, mostly the younger generation. Their want for peace brought them to the streets. They brought banners, posters, and flowers to the streets to show their protest. Likewise, they brought those small custom patches with messages expressing their anger and pleadings to stop the war in Vietnam. Patches with markings Love and Peace were also among the most common sights during that time.

Custom Patches

Patches and Fashion of the Hippies

From the traditional uses of patches to distinguish soldiers’ ranks and identifying group members, patches invaded the world of fashion in later years. The use of patches in fashion gained prominence in the late 60’s and the early 70’s. The popular gathering of nearly four hundred thousand people in the 1969 music festival, called Woodstock, introduced to the world a breed of young people who called themselves “Hippies”. They were the ones who pioneered the use of custom patches in fashion.

From their old tailor-made garments, they shifted to the use of surplus military uniforms, dresses and denims stitched with patches portraying their desire for peace and the end to the US war in Vietnam. The hippies also used the patches in their head covers, bags, arm bands and head bands. That fashion trend spread all over the world and influenced most people in their generation.

Patches and Fashion of the Punks

Custom Patche After the end of the protests against the US war in Vietnam, the generation of the Hippies likewise ended. The departure from the love and peace pleadings gave birth to a new breed of younger and bold generation called Punks. They were characterized by their brusque manners in solving conflicts. Like the Hippies, they were also open in voicing out their radical opinions.

The Punks’ leather jackets and denim uppers replaced the old surplus military uniforms and rough denims of the Hippies. However, the use of custom patches on their outfits continued. Only, the themes of love and peace were replaced with names of their favorite rock bands.

Patches of Today

History is coming back. People today use patches the way they were used before. Young people cover ripped parts of their garments with patches. During peaceful protest rallies, people use the items to express their radical opinions against erring public officials.

From the first users of patches centuries ago to the era of the Hippies and the Punks, their purpose of identification remains unscathed. Likewise, its use in fashion continues. Today, most people can be seen with patches of different styles, shapes and colors.


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