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Make Ubuntu look like OSX

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I have noticed that many people try to imitate Mac OSX Tiger’s look with their current operating system. No matter is it Windows or Linux. I’m one of those people and this is my atteption to make Ubuntu Linux look like OSX Tiger. I use Ubuntu simply because it is the best distribution of the best operating system. Ubuntu uses Gnome as it’s desktop environment. For this reason the guide is for only for Gnome users. It you are using some other distribution, this guide is still valid in most cases. This guide tries to be as spesific as possible, so that even newbies can follow it easily!

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how to customize windows and linux gui

I lead GUIStyles for almost two years but never got a chance to write a customize guide, I was to lazy…..Well now i have a chance to write this simple guide with new page start (TopStyles) and i try to explain what is what in customizing Windows and Linux OS.

In first place i want to show you how good desktop can look. This are GUIStyles winners of the best screenshots competition for last three months.

March Best Screenshot:

More details: deviantART

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