Clothing for the game of golf all started with practicality.  Since golf is played outdoors, players need to be protected from the elements.  As the popularity of golfing drew and more golf clubs were established, there was an increase in the interest for the game.  Hence, the need for both men and women to don clothing that would be appropriate for the game.

Golfing apparel has slowly gained popularity until the present day, when golf apparel has become commercialized, even worn outside the game. It has become so popular that it established a niche in the fashion industry.  Just like any other fashion trend, there golf apparel has evolved through the years.  However, the changes are not so radical.  Golfers tend to be more traditional when it comes to clothing and apparel.  Clothes that are meant for golfers are a fair balance between casual elegance, comfort, and tradition.

Since clothes especially meant for the game of golf are highly specialized, they can be quite expensive.  Many avid golfers are constantly looking for discounted prices.  At, we are fully aware of this dilemma.  Being one of the largest golf discount stores in the country, we cater to all types of golfing needs, and that includes much-needed apparel. If you are looking for quality branded golf shirts and tops, shorts, pants, outerwear, rainwear, hats and caps, belts at significantly discounted prices, then visit  You will be surprised at the wide array of choices that are available. There are also socks, magnetic jewelry and golf undergarments available.

Let us take a look at some of the available items on

1. Shirts and tops

Combining form and function, golf shirts and golf tops vary in style based on the weather and preferences of individual players.  There are various polo shirts available, and they come in all colors and designs such as solid colors, plaid, and stripes. Top polo brands are Carnoustie, Greg Norman, Under Armour, John Daly, Puma, Columbia, Adidas, Travis Matthew and Forrester.
There are also sweaters, layering tops, and warming tops available.

Golfing Apparel

2. Pants

Golf pants are worn by both men and women.  The most popular trouser brands are Under Armour, Aveo, Mizuno, Puma, Ping Golf, Ray Cook Golf, Reebok, Izod, and Callaway.

3. Skirts

Initially the only alternative for women when they started playing the game of golf, or even allowed to play in country clubs, are skirts.  It was only in the 1950s when it became more acceptable for women to wear Bermuda shorts and pants when they play golf.  It was in the 1960s that skirts with shorter hemlines became all the rage. Most major golfing brands offer golf skirts for women.

4. Shorts

Bermuda shorts are acceptable in golf clubs.  Initially, they came in conservative hues such as black, grey, blue, brown, and white.  However, it was only in the 1970s that bright designs and patterns began to emerge.

Today, golfing shorts come in all colors and patterns.  There are still basic, solid colors available, of course.  Some of the most popular brands are Cutter and Buck, Travis Matthew, Sligo, Ray Cook Golf, Linksoul, Mizuno, Aveo, Callaway, Adidas, Columbia, and Puma.

American golf clothing company Loudmouth Golf offers very colorful trousers in non-traditional patterns and designs.  For instance, there’s the American Flag design, shorts with shamrocks, pineapples, and sports team logos are available at


5. Outerwear and rainwear

Golf outerwear is very important, as it protects our bodies from the elements. Golf is usually played under the heat of the sun, or even in windy places, and jackets, vests and pullovers are perfect for protection. Some of the most popular golf outerwear brands are Izod, Columbia, Frog Toggs, Greg Norman, Puma, Under Armour, Reebok, and Zero Restriction.

Waterproof technology has made it possible to create a variety of rainwear garments and apparel such as the Galway Bay Golf Water Resistant rain pants, the Ray Cook Golf C-Tech Waterproof Rain Suit, and the Sun Mountain Golf Waterproof Ball Cap. Various waterproof rain hats and lightweight jackets are also available.

6. Hats and Caps

Hats and caps are very popular in the game of golf, as they are used to protect the head from the elements. Nowadays, the styles and types of hats range from fiber hats, sports caps, knit caps, sun hats, and visors.  In the beginning, tweed caps are the most popular types of head gear.  Tweed caps were worn by the Scottish players and the tradition just continued.  However, the heavy fabric cannot be worn in warmer weather.  Fiber hats were then introduced to the market.

The best fiber hat brand is still Dorfman Pacific Golf.  They have raffia hats, straw hats, toyo hats, and palm fiber hats available at low prices.  Best cap and visor brands are Titleist, John Daly Golf, Callaway Golf, Puma, Nike, and Ping. also offers discounts on international shipping, but orders from the United States are shipped free on the same day.  It even has a clearance cave, where customers can shop at 50% discount.


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