Title: ish
Author: bvc


-8 metacity themes
-10 clearlooks engine themes
-1 smooth engine theme

Metacity is inspiried by the mac style but specifically Ruler by Susumu. It is not a port! I made the images myself but wanted to give design concept credit. Metacity buttons are svg so you can easily change the color.

FONT in screenshot is HandelGotD

—-January 21 2006
-added ish-R, all round version as an alternative download (no screenshot)
-slightly smoothed top corners on original version
-fixed utility windows

—-January 17 2006
-removed ish-aqau-advanced and renamed to Aqua-Advanced. Get it here;

—-January 16 2006
-lightened the top inactive border on ish-aqua-advanced (2nd screenshot)

——January 15 2006
-made inactive titlebar gradient on ish-aqua-advanced (2nd screenshot)

-fixed bug in shaded state in top right corner
-added ish-aqua-advanced (2nd screenshot)

Final Verdict

[rate 5]

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  1. Arnold21 October 22nd, 2009 9:53 pm

    They are narrowly oriented to one field, sometimes two. ,

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